Our Fund

We have mastered Go-To-Market execution over decades. We have scaled companies from pre-revenue to billions. We partner with exceptional founders to do the same. We are the no-brainer $100K+ check for the best B2B founders raising Seed and Series A. Your chances of being successful are significantly higher with us on your cap table.

Our Team
why 20Sales?

We help answer critical questions like:

  • When do you hire a head of sales?
  • How do you recruit sales teams?
  • What metrics matter today?
  • How do you forecast revenue?
  • How do you create demand?

GTM is hard. We help you build it.


  • Talent Acquisition
  • Hiring Frameworks
  • Interview Playbooks
  • Compensation Ideas
  • Access to our Networks


  • Strategic Guidance
  • Identifying Core Customers
  • Forecasting Best Practices
  • Positioning Products + Pricing
  • PLG/SLG Best Practices


  • Operational Support
  • The Right GTM Stack
  • Capacity Planning for Scale
  • Scale + GS Playbooks
  • Creating Demand

Don’t take our word for it.
Hear from some of the best founders in the world.

“Many of the women of 20SALES were pivotal in building GTM at Slack. They are the best in their field, and I would lean on them again in a heartbeat."
“The 20SALES team has gone above and beyond with helping Anrok to scale operations, capacity & complex customer negotiations.”
“I worked with 20SALES to identify the ideal profile for our first few sales hires. Not only did they have great advice but I was able to tap into their amazing network of GTM talent.”
“The 20SALES team has been very responsive to our questions and willing to introduce us to their network."

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